Online Classes

Steps to getting started with your online class

1. Click on Continue button below, this will take you to the online class registration page

2. On the registration page, enter your full name and select the class you want to join, then click on sign in to join a class

3. When signing in, please supply the right information, as wrong information will not let your class teacher know who is connected, and you may join the wrong class, also every time you want to join a class, you must always supply your full name and select the right class

4. If a class is in session, you will join the online class, and the teacher or administrator will recognise your attendance, as your name will be listed among those online.

5. Class Schedules will be posted on the registration page, so students can know when their classes fall on

6. Student have opportunity to ask questions during an online class by typing their questions on the space allocated for questions, they will get responses from their teachers immediately either by voice or by text.

7. Please note that you need a good internet to stream classes without any interuption